Q:  Where did the name come from?

A:  One of our developers wanted to highlight the play balance inherent in the game's layout, strategy and scoring dynamics so they researched names that say 'balance".  Mahta is Persian and Mahti is Germanic with meanings that, together, translate to feminine/masculine and softness/strength.  ( + / - )

Q:  Why all the game variations?

A:  The variations aren't there because we can't figure out how to play the game, they are there because we had a hard time figuring out how to STOP playing the game. The 'Official' play variations have been tested enough for us to be reasonably certain that the balance between the number of players, the reserve deck size and the board profile maintain the intended playability, not introduce a fatal dynamic or become burdened by complexities and time requirements.  

Leave us feedback on the versions you like and why.

Q:  Is there a 'best' way to keep score?  Is there a score sheet?

A:  The score sheet is downloadable for free from the 'How To' page.  Print away!  

The score sheet has 4 game columns presuming a design format of 4 players / full game. (1 House hand per player)  Each game column has 2 halves.  The first position records the play score. The second one records the running score.

Feel free to use the sheet any way it best meets your needs.  Some players prefer using their phone's calculator.

Q:  What is the square cardboard sheet that comes in the game box used for?

A:  We call it the House Board.  It is used to visually track which 4 cards comprise the House Field (dealt to the center at setup) during the first few plays while building the Ring Field around it. Place the house board at the table center first and deal the 4 House Field cards onto it. The House Field cards mostly cover the house board, but you can still see it and it helps visually frame the board center in the early game. 

I'll be happy to answer your question... if I understand your question... when I'm done with my coffee..    Jusayin..