I met Jeff at Imperial Outpost Games and was absolutely delighted by his creation, Mahta Mahti. It was quick, easy to learn, and undoubtedly fun! Mahta Mahti is one of the most enticing game designs I have seen, simple enough to be accessible by anyone, including kids, and yet also involving enough strategy and thought to keep it fun in the long run.
Gamer Extraordinaire
I met Mr. Greenmun at the Imperial Outpost last night while he was demoing his game. The game looks solid. Thank you for speaking with me about your project!
Mahta Mahti is the most fun , challenging and educational card game to come to public attention! This game captures an all new concept on cards. From family night, to game enthusiast, an alternative to any "Bicycle" deck card game to school kids, all will have fun with Mahta Mahti. This single deck of cards has many variations to the original, standard play format. Once the standard play is understood (with the help of easy to follow instructions) the game can be modified. Everyone can play for their own score or team up against others. There are speed round variations as well as pass/play/hold/skip combinations that can make each game play unique. Also, multiple same night games require rotation of the house verses ring field so you play from different perspectives. Add m&m's, a bowl of Cheetos or veggies and dip and there is no room for boredom on Mahta Mahti night!
Big Fan
My 9-year-old son and I just returned from the demo at Imperial Outpost Games. Although there is a scoring system based on math, this is more of a tile strategy game. My son cannot wait for us to have a copy at home. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing this game.
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