Mahta Mahti Card Game


THIS GAME IS NOT ABOUT It's about pattern recognition and strategy.

MAHTA MAHTI  is a new and novel card game so different that it takes an extra few minutes to describe.

The game is designed for most every type of player from family night to social gaming clubs and even hardcore RPG aficionados looking for a down-time pickup game.

  • *Ages 12+ though I've seen some darn clever 10 yr olds
  • *4 - 6 players is the full game sweet spot with many layout and play variations fit for 2-10 players, and from 15 minute hands to 1-3 hour games, to all day tournaments! 

In fact, the game is so scalable outside the design format that it has applications in other areas such as Early Childhood development, Academic testing and teaching models, and even adult to elderly brain training and remedial therapy.

Uhm..OK. Who else is playin?


The play area (board) is 16 cards square; four rows of four cards.  Cards are played from the hand onto the board with the intention of matching as many neighboring cards as possible on each play.  

The novel nature of Mahta Mahti cards is the uniquely square card with matchable numbers on all four sides, so cards are often rotated while searching for the right board position and placement match that maximizes scoring.  

Even more unique is that not only does the scoring landscape constantly change as cards are played on top one another, but board areas are played against each other adding the elements of hand management and strategy. 

Right card; right spot; best match; best score.  

It's that simple. A little strategy, a little arithmetic and a lot of fun.


The goal is to provide avid gamers with an engaging way to strengthen social relationships while improving thinking skills like pattern recognition, variant analysis and even basic arithmetic in both adults and kids alike. 

When you play MAHTA MAHTI,
You'll feel smarter... 

GEEK-SPEAK  hurts my head so I put it in its own pan.. Oh LOOK, A CHICKEN!


Mahta Mahti is a family-friendly, strategic-based, multi-player, competitive card game that is most appealing to the socially engaged player. 

The 126 unique playing cards are drawn from median-value sequencing analytics and use paired or ordered digits, plus wilds. They play in multiple orientations onto a 16-card grid appealing to those given to pattern recognition and variant analysis.

The game uses a simple outplay, tile matching mechanism in a fixed tessellation layout with a high score objective.

Right card; right spot; best match; best score.

A little strategy, a little arithmetic and a lot of fun. The kind of game that makes kids dream of college, not meeples.

Now if that doesn't cause an eye twitch, try reading the Provisional Patent Specs!